The first prototype of the ReMember-Me system is being tested by our users in their homes

Starting from the beginning of July, the ReMember-Me system reached our primary users’ homes: five volunteers had the chance to interact with the system first prototype available.

Through a tablet, users could play with creative and innovative games designed to promote cognitive functioning among the elderlies. A total of 21 primary users within the Remember-Me consortium and their carers were thus far involved in this second phase of the project.

In the next few months the Project system will reach the homes of cognitively fit users and people with early cognitive decline with a further development: the introduction of James, a social robot. Users will be able to interact with the system not just through a tablet, but also using some of the robot features. We are just setting our ever-changing smart system (thanks to our partner ArtOfInfo Kft) and can’t wait to introduce James to our elderlies and their relatives.