Second Open Workshop


Welcome to our Open Collaborative Workshop




Date: 28/06/2022

Time: 15:30-17:00 Cyprus time

Venue: Lordos Beach Hotel & Spa, Dhekelia Rd, Larnaca 7081 (there is an online joining option using the details below)

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It is well-documented that dementia is an immense health issue impacting increasingly more people worldwide, with figures projected to reach 135 million cases globally by 2050 (Prince, Guerchet & Prina, 2013). The high prevalence of dementia has multifaceted impact on an individual, social, economic and healthcare level increasing expenditures, putting strain on social structures and affecting negatively active and healthy aging.

In this context, many ICT products, today, are being developed to assist this issue. Our workshop is focused on presenting the aspects ICT solutions like ReMember-Me can help older adults with specific instruments and systems, as well as the benefits and older adults experiences. Finally, experts will elaborate on the concerns and challenges these technologies face, and more specifically within the Cypriot context.


An attendance certificate will be provided to all attendees.


Workshop Programme

Local Time Topic Moderator
15:30 Opening session-Round presentation of Cypriot attendees Sotiria Moza, MATERIA GROUP
15:45 The dementia problem in Europe and Cyprus round discussion: open debate on how to face the new challenges of the silver economy around dementia. We will talk about the real needs of our elderly people, innovative proximity services aimed at this sector and, finally, we will discuss the added value of innovative technological solutions such as ReMember-Me. Sotiria Moza, MATERIA GROUP
16:00 Presentation of other innovative projects and success stories and solutions for brain training and assessment:


engAGE Project, an innovative system integrating social robots, IoT-based monitoring and machine learning techniques to combat and slow down cognitive decline progression.


Sense garden Project, a virtual garden for persons with dementia to be used to connect through emotions by triggering the five senses of the person with dementia.





Prof. Ionut Anghel, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca



Ronny Broekx, ~ ​​SENSE-GARDEN Project

16:30 The ReMember-Me system impact and prospects (live demo & discussion) Sotiria Moza, MATERIA GROUP
17:00 Conclusions-Goodbye  



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