ReMember-Me represented at the online AAL seminar “Health & Care Eco-systems as Drivers for Transforming European Welfare in the 2020s”

On 31 of May the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca has represented Remember-Me consortium at the online seminar organized by AAL CMU in cooperation with the Finnish universities of Vaasa and Tampere, the German health regions, the ScanBalt Regional Health Network and Health Valley from the Netherlands.

The main objectives of the seminar were: (i) explore ways to deal with complexity in health & care eco-systems to enable the transformation of European welfare, (ii) learn about the crucial role of agency and collaboration of the key actors involved and (iii) contribute to the development of a strategic innovation agenda for the upcoming European partnership on health & care systems transformation.

Among the lesson learned and accumulated knowledge during the seminar the participants have taken the opportunity to learn more about:

  • approaching complex problems and systems required for EU welfare system transformation, through greater awareness and understanding, through methodology and rigour.
  • designing more effective and sustainable welfare systems without compromising quality or efficiency
  • the paradigm change to deal with complexity: emergence concept vs classical planning approaches
  • the different angles of sustainability: social-economic-ecological
  • issues for integrating technological innovation into care

The participants also exchanged ideas and learn from different health & care eco-systems actors and experts.