ReMember-Me learning from experts about Longevity Economy and Care Economy

ReMember-Me project had the pleasure to attend the #NIC Topaketa -Longevity Economy and Care Economy organized by Nagusi Intelligence Center (NIC) in collaboration with the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC) of the London School of Economics (LSE). An event aimed at professionals from the field of the longevity economy and the care economy.

The NIC is a public-private collaboration space, led by Biscay Provincial Council, that aspires to transform the challenge of population ageing into an opportunity for economic and social development.

The Care Policy and Evaluation Centre (CPEC) is an international research centre that mainly works in the fields of long-term care, mental health, disabilities and other health-related matters. Since 2009 it has carried out more than 130 research projects, amounting to more than 67 million pounds sterling; likewise, the CPEC participates in the development and implementation of key policies and practices.

Longevity is a reality in Biscay region and in all Europe. Aware of the demographic challenge, Biscay is committed to the longevity economy as an opportunity to respond to the needs of older people, in order to encourage economic development and offer long-term care that guarantees a fulfilling life.

Local governments can and must play an important leadership role in this matter, mobilising the public and private sector, the business community, professionals, the world of academia, the voluntary sector and the community, to make longevity a contextual element of a new inclusive prosperity for everyone.