Pre-trials of the ReMember-Me take place after the second prototype is released

The second prototype of the ReMember-Me system has been released, so all sites have been busy preparing for the field trials. To that end the end-user partners have spent the last 2 weeks working on the internal and pre-trial tests to assess key system aspects, to make sure everything is up to standards before we ask our older adult volunteers to test the system for themselves.

The pre-trial tests consisted of the exploration of the ReMember-Me system by 11 informal caregivers, 11 healthcare professionals and 11 students, of which Ana Aslan International Foundation was responsible of testing 6 users in total.

The results from these tests have been communicated to the technical partners which are now proceeding with system improvements and optimizations before the commencement of the lab tests, which is expected to take part soon.

During the lab tests older adults will be able to enjoy many of functionality of the ReMember-Me such as many interesting games, tips and content consisting of relaxation techniques (e.g., guided meditation videos), videos to help them keep active, etc. They will also be able to  connect with students via the ReMember-My Story platform through which enables them to exchange their experiences with students/other people.

We hope that older adults will enjoy testing the ReMember-Me app as much as we did while working on creating it!