Fondazione Santa Luzia presents ReMember-Me in national TV

Today is the International day for Older Persons #UNIDOP, and from ReMemberMe AAL Project we work to contribute to #aging active and healthy. Stimulating the brain with specific exercises and training programs designed by neurologists and neuropsychologists serves to combat aging and counteract forms of dementia, such as #Alzheimer, which particularly affect the elderly population.

The research team from the Santa Lucia Center for Cognitive Disorders and Dementias IRCCS, Fondazione Santa Lucia, led by neuropsychiatrist and researcher Gianfranco Spalletta, spoke about it on the Basta La Salute program on Rai News 24 on September 21.

Likewise, the neuropsychologists Federica Piras and Fabrizio Piras reported on the European project ReMemberMe AAL Project, transmitting our objective to support people both in specialized hospitals, such as the IRCCS of Fondazione Santa Lucia, and at home, through technological aids such as #tablets or specialized #robots.

The full video is available at the following link: