ESKILARA boosting ReMember-Me local positioning through project based collaboration

ESKILARA (ReMember-Me’s exploitation and dissemination leader), participates on the project ZL-2021/00828 OSASUNDATA, “Smart Data platform for healthy ageing”, under the aid program to support business R&D – HAZITEK, action co-financed by the Basque government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2021-2027 (ERDF).

The aim of this project is the creation of a new technological platform in which new models of risk management and socio-health care for ageing are implemented with the aim to: assess the intrinsic capacity of older adults, manage the risks derived from the loss of these capacities and provide effective and efficient socio-health care.

The basis for this research are the new concepts of Artificial Intelligence, processing, analytics and organisation of massive data (integration of public databases from the health sector with the private sector) and finally the integration of sensors, devices developed by three Basque startups: Accexible, InnovatekBI and Biolan. The devices to be tested developed by the 3 companies mentioned will respectively be:

  • A Platform for the early detection of cognitive disorders like Alzheimer through speech analysis.
  • An Smart Watch and mobile App to help older adults in their daily lives (shopping, travelling, etc.). The mobile app contains alarm for medication, sleep monitoring and physical activity monitoring, and finally the possibility to have an alarm button in case of a fall.
  • A frailty monitoring device for older people in home environments. This device monitors different vital signs such as: (i) body temperature, (ii) heart rate, (iii) blood oxygen saturation and (iv) electrocardiogram. In addition, by means of an accelerometer and magnetometer system it will be possible to detect falls. No user interaction is required for either configuration or stand-alone operation. Data shall be sent periodically via a mobile phone or Bluetooth HUB.

The testing will be carried out with the help of the Torrezuri Group and will start in June and will last for 2 months. The methodology for working with users is the user-centred Living Lab methodology that will be implemented through the Genika Silver Living Lab, and ESKILARA will help in the design of the testing methodology, define the exploitation strategy and promote the scalability, adaptation and exploitation of the platform. Links and potential collaborations will also be promoted with ReMember-Me Project due to the synergies that both projects offer to boost the AAL project local positioning.

Torrezuri Group – Residence and Day Center