Enacting creation through interactions. Co-creation phase completed!

Starting from the first week of December 2020, researchers at Foundation Santa Lucia (https://www.hsantalucia.it/), along with colleagues from other end-user organizations of the ReMember-Me project, implemented the co-creation process bringing together older adults, their families, health care professionals and commercial users to assist with the ReMember-Me product development.

In accordance with actual COVID-19 policies, most interactions took place remotely. During the digital or face-to-face sessions participants were shown a short presentation of the ReMember-Me system (project objectives, images of all devices and description of usefulness), had experience of some system functions through digital/paper mock-ups provided by our partner @ArtOfInfo Kft and answered open questions regarding the system.

Older adults with or without cognitive problems were enthusiastic regarding the potentiality of the ReMember-Me system to prevent a further decline of cognitive abilities (attention, memory, inappropriate responses inhibition) and to improve social inclusion. Families of persons with cognitive difficulties especially liked the possibility to be informed about their loved ones’ cognitive/health status. Health care professionals (psychologists, speech pathologists, medical doctors) specifically valued the multidomain nature of the system and the possibility to remotely monitor their patients.

This interactional creation phase will surely help the @RememberMe_AAL project to better focus on users’ experiences and to endorse users’ needs.