Dr Federica Piras is interviewed by el Corriere della Sera about “Cognitive stimulation as a fundamental component of neurorehabilitation”

A fundamental component of neurorehabilitation is cognitive stimulation.
In fact, a lesion to the nervous system can produce impairments of functions such as memory, language or attention which are highly complex to restore to the patient and require a multi-specialist intervention and the use of specific technologies.
Leading the path of neurorehabilitation of cognitive functions is the neurologist who, on the basis of the evaluations and data provided by the neuropsychologist, directs the intervention of the speech therapist who delivers the correct therapies to the patient.
This highly specialized professional intervention can be assisted or completed with technologies which, once the therapy hours are over, can continue the patient’s cognitive stimulation. One of those technologies are social robots.
Thanks to the work of the Fondazione Santa Lucia team of psychologist and researcher Federica Piras,  ReMemberMe AAL Project has given them the opportunity to experiment in the neurorehabilitation UOCs 3 and 6 with robots capable of interacting with the patient, proposing cognitive exercises or engaging them in meditation and relaxation exercises.
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