Completed the pilot testing phase of the 1st prototype from the RememberMe_AAL project!

Led by @SantaLuciaIRCCS, the pilot testing phase of the 1st prototype from the @RememberMe_AAL project was recently completed.

A large group of elderlies with and without cognitive difficulties, and their careres (more than 70 people from Romania, Italy, Belgium and Cyprus) had the chance to interact with the solution in their home environment. Cognitive assessment and gamified stimulation of mental abilities was made possible through tablet-based digitized evaluation and training modules developed by @ArtOfInfo Kft.

Seniors found the ReMember-Me system easy to understand, use and learn, and the solution remained appealing to them after prolonged usage, while most users thought it would do a great deal if continuously used at home.

Their family members also expressed a more than positive opinion on the thus far developed modules, and the system was deemed as attractive, stimulating, reliable, and easily controllable by seniors. Caregivers were quite satisfied with the proposed technology and pleased to see their family member involved and absorbed when playing the games, being gratified by the experience, and continuing to use the prototype with no need to be prompted.

Since new thrilling activities (more personalized serious games, mindfulness and relaxation videos, and a socialization platform) will be available in the 2nd prototype, we think that seniors’ experience will be further enriched, and expect even more enthusiastic feedbacks from our elderlies and relatives!

Heavy efforts are being devoted to the system development, and such an encouraging appreciation from users supports us in our ambition to sustain active aging through technological aids.