ANA Aslan organizes a meeting with 100 seniors in Bucharest to present ReMember-Me Project

A meeting with 100 seniors from different sectors in Bucharest was organised by the Ana Aslan International Foundation (AAIF) on March 15th.

Enthusiastic seniors, experienced volunteers and representatives of the foundation gathered in the big Council Hall of the headquarters of the City Hall of Sector 5.  Nellie Gospodinova, a researcher and a project coordinator at AAIF, presented the ReMember-Me project to seniors. Her presentation began with a definition of cognitive decline and explanation about Mild Cognitive Impairment. It was pointed out that early detection of cognitive decline is crucial because it gives a person a chance for improvement or maintenance of their cognitive function through rehabilitation activities and counteractive actions.

The ReMember-Me project aims to develop a simple, yet effective tool to address cognitive decline in real-life settings. The ReMember-Me system is a smart assistant which aims to prevent and detect cognitive decline, promote cognitive function and social inclusion among older adults. The system offers high levels of integration between healthcare professionals, caregivers, family members and the community. It integrates a tablet application, a social robot, and a smartwatch.

The robot was presented to seniors who looked at it with great interest and curiosity. Nellie Gospodinova shared news about the current developments in the second prototype of ReMember-Me and its pilot testing which will begin in Bucharest in April this year. After the presentation, many Romanian seniors expressed their wish to take part in the second pilot testing as volunteers. Based on the partnership between the Ana Aslan International Foundation and DGASPC Sector 5, such meetings will continue to be organized, and the information will be extended to news and solutions in the medical field, on different specializations, depending on the interest of seniors.