About Us

What is

ReMember-Me is a system that offers an innovative paradigm taking under consideration not only cognition, but also emotional wellbeing, activity and sleep patterns and socialization, promoting human interactions in the context of cognitive fitness and decline and offering individualized suggestions for a healthy brain.

The main objective of the system is to detect and prevent cognitive decline early on, in healthy older adults and also in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment.

If you want to learn more about ReMember-Me, you can watch now a video explaining all our features! Follow the link! 


ReMember-Me aims to function in 3 main levels:

  • Offering monitoring.
  • Detection and personalized training.
  • Being integratable in older adults’ everyday life patterns.

This system will include:

  • Sleep, activity and mood assessment, orientation in time.
  • Alternating-daily, short-assesment exercises.
  • And socialization through knowledge sharing.

Access to authorized data

ReMember-Me system will offer access to authorized data, to informal and formal caregivers in order to monitor their person of interest’s progress and be actively and efficiently involved in the health management process.

Usability and acceptance

The ReMember-Me system will be aligned from its initial development to final product release, with older adults preferences and daily activity patterns to promote usability and acceptance.

Active involvement

ReMember-Me will offer desirable and assistive integration features for the active involvement of family members and healthcare professionals users.

Unique and innovative

Its unique and innovative features will offer a competitive advantage in health-oriented commercial stakeholders, such as insurance brokers and merchandisers, providing for a great market impact.