A scientific Italian TV program “Superquark” talks about the ReMember-Me Project

In the episode broadcasted on August the 24th 2022 -the last hosted by the recently deceased journalist Piero Angela who brought science into Italian homes for 50 years-, the ReMember-Me project was presented as an efficacious instrument for keeping the elderlies cognitively stimulated. Born as a 40 minutes scientific program known as “Quark”, the TV show created by Angela became the 2 hours long show “Superquark”, which is the most popular and respected scientific outreach TV program in Italy. Since it introduces the general public to all sorts of topics explaining scientific facts with an easy to understand language, has usually a great audience. The episode presenting the ReMember-Me project (among other interventions for stimulating cognition in elderlies) was seen by 1.612.000 people, thus reaching 12.5% of the Italian audience watching TV during prime time. The monitoring and prompting features of the social robot James, -part of the system architecture supporting the individual in completing daily tasks, encouraging and following up the user on several activities, also offering interactive games, and a social platform to meet people- were specifically presented. In the real footage, shot @FondazioneSantaLucia in Rome, one of the users presently participating in the field trials to test the system efficacy in promoting cognitive performance, physically interacted with James, who surveyed her on personal well-being and proposed serious games and music. The exert on stimulating activities for the elderlies can be seen here.