2nd @RememberMe_AAL prototype has just started!

Led by @MATERIA, the proof of concept study testing the functionality of the , and the second iteration is almost completed.

A total of 28 healthy older adults from four European countries were thus far involved in this phase of the project, and had the chance to interact with the solution (both the tablet and the social robot) in their home environment for a 2-months period.

Seniors found the ReMember-Me system very user-friendly and the personalized brain training program very stimulating and varied, thus really exciting. Only a small part of them had some struggles, but still judged the solution a potential good proposal for older adults with cognitive weaknesses. Most of them stated that the system can easily become a part of a person’s everyday living and that it requires the appropriate time commitment, thus it can be suitable for everyone. 

Even if our effort for the system development is not over yet, we want to thank all the subjects who have participated so far! Their feedback, comments and suggestions are precious for implementing some ameliorations to finally meet older users’ needs. 

Since the 3rd iteration is going to start, contact us: you can be our next user!